The George Beattie Project - A Poet Lost in Time


The fact cannot be ignored, that the ‘absence’ of George Beattie was
extremely beneficial, if not vital, to the machinations of certain people.

Great insight as to this fact may be gained from George Beattie's own

"That plots were laid by others to oust me and secure Miss Gibson’s fortune,
I know well from the inquiries that were made at myself from a certain
quarter. Those who interfered were far too many for me."

Contrary to the traditionally accepted version of events… we personally
believe that our research will reasonably establish that George Beattie was
mercilessly railroaded into suicide (virtually and morally murdered) by
certain socially powerful individuals apparently attempting to shield
themselves from the consequences of their immoral agenda and actions…
being motivated solely by greed and their lust for power!
As a result of our extensive research, we can only conclude that, for
whatever specific reason, the evidence points overwhelmingly to a
cold-blooded conspiracy to remove George Beattie from the picture.*

* All was well with the relationship when George Beattie was requested by the Gibsons to
become ‘professionally’ involved in the legalities of the ‘Mitchell legacy’.

Without warning, he is abruptly, illogically and inexplicably
ousted from a long-standing romance and engagement, being
immediately replaced by William Smart of Cairnbank; who had
previously never shown the slightest interest in Miss Gibson.

He is abruptly ousted, in all respects, from his ‘legal’ services to
the Gibson family.
A campaign of ridicule, scorn and harassment is directed against
him by the Gibsons and Smarts.
George Beattie specifically stated that he was also being badgered by a relation of
William Smart. We believe that this individual was George Smart of Cairnbank, who
obviously had a vested interest in all of his brother’s dealings.
He is renowned for his devotion to the care of his family and
makes an elaborate Last Will and Testament to ensure their
protection, but ultimately dies intestate only eight days before
the end of the required sixty day legal validation period, despite
there having been no marriage between Miss Gibson and William
The outraged public directly blamed the Gibson and Smart
families for the death of George Beattie.
George Beattie’s ‘Statement of Facts’ was being painstakingly
hand copied by many people who obviously believed that its
preservation was extremely important.
The ‘Statement of Facts’ was suppressed from publication for
forty years, until after the death of all those involved
   Despite the fact that the public journalists of the ‘Montrose
Review’, at the time of his death, proclaimed in their obituary :

“ We have no right to
intrude with our own private feelings, in lamenting the
death of this worthy and valuable member of society; but
it would have been doing injustice to the public, whose
concern is deep upon this occasion, to have said less; and
we are assured that none will contradict us when we
declare, that no man in this town and neighbourhood was
ever more generally beloved in his life…
or more universally lamented
in his death.”

there is no public memorial to his memory to be found
anywhere in the Burgh of Montrose, even although a plethora
dedicated to a multitude of other ‘selected’ notables are
prominently displayed throughout.

The A.S. Mt Cyrus biography of George Beattie in 1863, was not
only written under a pseudonym, diluted with unnecessary
botanical and geographical detail and replete with inaccuracies;
but it also made strangely inflammatory statements, coupled
with one particularly elaborate fabrication regarding the longdistance
‘mind poisoning’ of William Mitchell against his brother
James, supposedly by his niece, Miss Gibson.
She being named ‘Residuary Legatee’ alone, would have made
this effort redundant.

 A ‘Residuary Legatee’ is entitled to the residue of an estate after payment of debts and
distribution of specific bequests.

To this day, we personally believe, an ‘agenda of obfuscation’ is
still in place and being adhered to.
This conclusion being based on the general lack of support and
the apparent ’snubbing’ and ’stonewalling’ we are encountering
from relevant and necessary individuals, institutions and
  In a 2012 publication by a Montrose ‘historical society’, George Beattie and his
companions are slandered by the accusations of being merely atheistic,
troublesome, ‘bible-burning’ drunks in a ‘volume’ containing a significant
amount of other verifiably ill-researched and erroneous ’facts’ and details.
When we respectfully requested a source for the slanderous assertions from the
‘historical society’ in question, the reply received by us was that there was NO
recorded source whatsoever; entirely unsubstantiated ‘slurs’ in other words.
In this particular publication, the slanderous statements are coupled with a
‘rant’ by the Church of Scotland minister and religious zealot, Rev. William
Ruxton Fraser, quoted from his 1896 publication, ‘St Mary’s of Old Montrose’.

The question once again being… WHY ?

The understanding and exposure of this continued ‘blackening’ and dismissal of
George Beattie’s memory and literary legacy is the crux of our ‘Project’.
In juxtaposition, a quote regarding the celebrated and eminent doctor, Radical
and Reformer, Joseph Hume, MP (1777-1855) from the respected ’Electric
Scotland’ website, is as follows :

“The pear was ripe, too, and fell into his hand; for at the time he was first made
member for the burgh, there was a noble band of Reformers in Montrose,
who prepared his way. These were Provost Charles Barclay, James Burns, Esq.,
Dean of Guild, Dr Gibson, Alex Thomson, Esq., Mr James Bisset,
and Mr George Beattie.”

This quote obviously contrasts sharply with the ‘historical society’ statement, from
a ‘flawed’ book, ironically, now included in the ‘National Library of Scotland’…

“A den of atheists at Fullerton”

George Beattie also ran for town council in Montrose; losing only by a
’casting’ vote.

n. pl. con·spir·a·cies
1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
2. A group of conspirators.
3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
4. A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design.

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